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Upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics GP 18.6.x aka 'GP 2024' for continued ERP productivity and enhanced security

The latest version of Microsoft Dynamics GP (Version 18.6.xx) aka 'GP 2024' was recently released on October 2, 2023, and will continue to be supported and enhanced for many years to come.  The current Microsoft "Modern Lifecycle" (Released July 2021) now shows an updated annual release schedule along with mid-year and year-end updates out past 2028+.    #GPSTRONG Future Long LIVE GP!!(see the GP PROOF  and evidence on docs.microsoft.com)

The current version of Dynamics GP is 18.6 (aka GP 2024) was released on October 2, 2023.  The previous versions were Dynamics GP 18.5 (aka GP 2023), released October 1, 2022, and Dynamics GP 18.4 (aka GP 2022), released Oct 1, 2021, and the year before, the GP 18.3 version of Microsoft Dynamics GP "GP 2021" was released.  The current Dynamics GP 18.5 and GP 18.4 support the new TLS 1.2 security standard which is becoming increasingly important when connecting with Office 365 for emails sent via Dynamics GP.

Back in the Fall of 2019, came a minor name change removing the year from the product name.  For simplicity purposes, we will refer to each version by both their technical version number as well as with a quote "2021" to signify that we are recommending clients upgrade to this new GP version in a given year.  The team at GP Support North is currently booking 8-10 weeks out given the high demand for our Microsoft Dynamics GP Upgrade Program.   The latest cumulative update / version of Management Reporter supports Windows 11, SQL Server 2023 and versions up to Dynamics 18.6.xx.

Previously known at Great Plains, Microsoft Dynamics GP is the most widely used mid-market ERP in North America and is proudly supported by GP Support North for North American clients in the United States and Canada, and GP users on a global basis including UK, Europe, South America, Central America and the Caribbean. 

As Microsoft is actively promoting its new cloud-based Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP directly via its website, Microsoft is relying heavily on partners such as the team at GP Support North and Endeavour Solutions to continue to promote and educate clients on the LONG TERM value of Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains).  

As part of your Dynamics GP Upgrade, and with the release of Windows Server 2019 (released Oct 2018), you need to be aware that that VBA is no-longer supported in Windows Server 2019 and above. If you are planning to upgrade your Dynamics GP to version 18.5.xx or the new 18.6.xx (which we highly recommend) then you will also need to include in your upgrade plans to review and replace any custom applications or custom code that uses Modeler or VBA. The Endeavour technical team can provide you with additional guidance and/or estimates for replacing this older custom code with modern tools.  See below for the current Modern Lifecycle release schedule / roadmap.

Download the NEW Dynamics GP 18.6 features & capabilities guide.pdf
Great Plains 2020 capabilities
Download the Dynamics GP 18.5 features & capabilities guide.pdf
Great Plains 2023 capabilities
The future of Dynamics GPFuture of Dynamics GP

URGENT - As of October 2022. Issue for older versions of GP sending automated or user-selected emails directly from Dynamics GP via Office 366/Microsoft 365.  SSL / TLS 1.2 security has changed in Office 365. An upgrade of GP is Recommended.
See options.

Which GP version are you on?

Our team supports all of Microsoft Dynamics GP Financials and Modules including VERY old versions of Dynamics GP 7.5, Dynamics GP 8.0, Dynamics GP 9.0, Dynamics GP 10.0. or,
Older versions that are off support or about to be off-Microsoft support
Dynamics GP 2010, Dynamics GP 2013 R2, Dynamics GP 2015, Dynamics GP 2015 R2,  Dynamics GP 2016, Dynamics GP 2016 R2, or
Recent versions: Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018, GP 2018R2, Dynamics GP 18.2 (GP 2020)
Current versions: Microsoft Dynamics GP 18.3 (GP 2021) and GP 18.4 (GP 2022)

Official 2022 message from Microsoft confirming a strong future for GP

Dynamics GP 18.5 2023 roadmap from Microsoft called Dynamics GP servicing. shown within this diagram is a release each year in October for 2021, 2022, 2023 and the year 2024

The next announced release is Dynamics GP 18.6 in October 2023 (aka Dynamics GP 2024)

Why choose GP SUpport North

Why choose the GP Support North team as your Dynamics GP upgrade  Partner?

The GP Support North team provides North American wide support for Microsoft Dynamics GP.  We're part of the team at Endeavour Solutions Inc. (ESI) who has been working with client across the USA, Canada, and Internationally for over 30-years .  We advise and support progressive organizations to improve their business processes, operational efficiency and performance by leveraging the power of Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP.  Underpinning each project is our belief that a strong ERP or CRM is only as good at the data within it. Based on this concept, our team at Endeavour strives to ask "why" and "how" to uncover the true processes and business insights that will help drive innovation within your business. Advisory Services or Dynamics GP Integration or GP Cloud Hosting

As our clients can attest: at Endeavour, we bring new ideas to you instead of only reacting to your requestsWe will work with you to implement, upgrade, localize, and enhance your Dynamics GP (formerly Great Plains) so that it serves your needs both today and into the future.   Complementing your configuration and optimization of Dynamics GP are a series of advanced functions and tools from our Approved ISV Partners.

Our success is due to our focus on our customers, our people and our core values of integrity, trust, and accountability

Our team is in the top 5% of Microsoft Partners worldwide and is a Gold Microsoft Partner for ERP, CRM and Cloud applications and support.

We're one of the largest GP partners in North America

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