What's New in Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains)


Released October 1, 2021 - The latest version is Dynamics GP 18.4 (GP 2022)

GP Workflow TIP: Dex.ini code from at the end of the 2022 Dynamics GP 18.4 What's New Video:  QueryDesignerAllFunctionality=TRUE  (copy/paste this to your file).

Dynamics GP 18.4 New Financials Features

  • Update account descriptions using Mass Modify
  • Summary Post Accounts Receivables Cash Receipt through Bank Reconciliation
  • Scroll through Account Segments
  • Payables 1099 Default to Single Feed (USA)
  • Payables 1096 form print email address (USA)
  • Default Inquiry sort Options (AP, AR, BR)

Dynamics GP 18.4 New Distribution Features  

  • Update Project and Contract Numbers
  • Save Filter Settings for All-In-One
  • Use GOTO from SOP Inquiry to SOP Trx Entry
  • Human Resource & Payroll (USA-only)
  • SafePay - employee name from check (USA)
  • Masking Employee Social Security Number on W2 (USA)
  • Copy and Paste Payroll Transactions from Excel (US Payroll)
  • Saving Payroll Batch default in Transaction Entry (US Payroll)

Dynamics GP 18.4 New System & Workflow  

  • Auto Post Workflow for complete end to end process
  • Visibility for Table Changes
  • Workflow Maintenance Remove Carbon Copy
  • Workflow Approver Count
  • Reminder 18.3 included updated security to support 2FA (two-factor authentication) and the new 'MORE-Secure' TLS 1.2 standards for connecting Dynamics GP to Office 365 for email and other functions

2022 Updated roadmap for Dynamics GP

GP 18.5 new GP 2023

On July 8, 2021, (re-confirmed in 2022 video below) Microsoft released the above Dynamics GP Roadmap extending Microsoft Dynamics GP end date past 2028 with a commitment to the Great Plains platform staying active for MANY years to come.  This is an OFFICIAL confirmation from Microsoft that Dynamics GP is here to stay! And Official Microsoft Blog post

April 2022 OFFICIAL Microsoft video on GP Roadmap and confirmed BEYOND 2028

Jump to What's New in Dynamics GP 18.5 (GP 2023) for Oct 2022 release https://youtu.be/lWZk5_hpmgU?t=1013

GP 2023 - GP 18.5 what's new
The new Dynamics GP 18.3 (GP 2021)
Our team at GP Support North has been supporting Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains) for over 30 years.  Over that time we have performed over 1,000 upgrades and implementations of ERP, CRM and Cloud applications.

Officially released October 5, 2020, the new Microsoft Dynamics GP is version 18.3.xx (aka GP 2021).  Some new functions include:

  • Bug fixes and feature changes requested by GP customers.
  • Updated security to support MFA (multi-factor authentication) and TSL 1.2  (NOTE, TSL 1.0 will be losing support in the future)
  • Maximize GP Report on "print to screen" rather than resizing.
  • Add User-Defined field to Payables Transaction Entry
  • Reconcile GL option:  Reconcile all years at once
  • Limit Excel Copy/Paste Decimals Places to Currency Setup controls
  • Add DBA Name field on Vendor Maintenance and 1099 misc form updates.  (Cool, can be rolled back to GP 2016 via table change)
  • Copy/Paste into Payables Transactions!!
  • Mask SSN on HR reports
  • Full resolution for the Office update causing fall 2020 Word template errors
  • qué hay de nuevo en Microsoft Dynamics GP 18.3 2021 (Spanish localization)

VIDEO: Dynamics GP "What's New" 2020

What's New in Dynamics GP (2020) v.18.2

The current release of Dynamics GP was made available on October 7, 2019. The official naming convention follows the same “modern life cycle approach as Windows 10” with the naming for “GP Next” officially being called "Microsoft Dynamics GP". For simplicity purposes, we’ll refer to it as Dynamics GP 2020. As part of this modern life cycle, Microsoft has committed to an annual release each October extending past 2024 along with two additional tax-update releases each year for mid-year and year-end Payroll etc. This is a GREAT testament to the Power, Longevity, and Confidence that both Endeavour and Microsoft have in the Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP platform.

  • Dynamics GP Modern Life Cycle and Roadmap 2020 – 2024+
  • Dynamics GP and Cloud integration Top 'What's New" over the past few releases of GP
  • What’s new in Dynamics GP Financials (2020)
    • Productivity
    • User functions for your accounting team
    • Cloud-integration
    • New system requirements
  • qué hay de nuevo en Dynamics GP (Spanish localization)

What's new GP 18.4.xx Guide.pdf

Dynamics GP 18.4 what's new

What's new GP 18.3 Guide.pdf

Dynamics GP 18.3 user guide

With GP Support North you can Expect your GP upgrade to include:

  • A proper assessment of your needs
  • A scope and project plan to meet your objectives
  • A technical upgrade including pre-production and live production upgrade
  • Advisory Services to review opportunities for improvement including configuration, training and adoption of new functions.

Upgrade Note:  for upgrade to Windows Server 2019 - VBA customizations in Dynamics GP are no longer supported


New: EFT Tracker for GP

Dynamics GP Electronic Funds Transfer audit

New: D365 CRM to GP Link

Dynamics GP integration to D365 CRM
New: GP Server Monitoring
Dynamics GP remote monitoring

Learn more about Endeavour's Dynamics GP Training.

Dynamics GP Training


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