BlueMoon Container Management for Dynamics GP + Retail Charge Backs North America

Dynamic GP Supply Chain Management including GP WMS, Container Management and Retail Chargeback Processing

Talk to Endeavour and our preferred partner Blue Moon ISV.  Blue Moon purchased a number ISV add-on applications in 2021 to complement their large catalogue of software add-ons for Dynamics GP and Dynamics 365 Business Central.  Container Management adds functionality for importers, including manifest entry and vessel tracking.

See video below for Dynamics GP Container Management for FOB Shipping Containers.  Also included is an overview of Retail ChargeBack processing for manufacturers and distributors who receive charge backs from large retailers based on specific SLA performance.

Sample screen - Shipping Container Management in Dynamics GP

Bluemoon GP container manifest filled - GP Supportt
Bluemoon Dynamics GPcontainer Bluemoon GP container manifest filled - GP Support
retail charges Great Plains

BlueMoon ISV and Endeavour have the answers. 
Overview of both Container Management and Retail ChargeBack Processing

Dynamics GP Container Management

container Bluemoon GP container manifest filled - GP Support

Container Management adds functionality for importers, including manifest entry and vessel tracking.

  • Create a shipping manifest from one or multiple purchase orders and from one or more vendors.
    • Track the progress of that shipment from the point of origin all the way to your warehouse dock.
    • Set-up single or multi-container shipments from your existing purchase orders.
    • Create individual containers with the items that make up the shipment.
    • Post those containers into an “In Transit” location to gain visibility to the items and show them as owned while they are in transit.
    • See when the items are expected to be received with the latest dates, simply by updating the container.

    Dynamics GP Retail Charge Back Processing

    retail charges Great Plains

    ChargeBack Processing meets the chargeback acceptance and processing needs of businesses that sell and distribute their products to the major retailers

    • Create categories of adjustments based on the types of chargebacks you accept
    • Choose whether to allow or dispute your distributors’ adjustments as you enter them
    • One-step entry of chargebacks during Cash Receipt processing
    • Improved cash flow through accurate chargeback tracking and instant access to information during collections
    • Configure allow/disallow rules for chargebacks based on adjustment types and customers