Binary Stream for Dynamics GP Great Plains ERP

2024 Binary Stream Canadian Consulting by Endeavour Solutions (Toronto, Halifax, Montreal, London and Edmonton)

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Binary Stream is an approved Endeavour Solutions ISV partner. Approved ISV Partners. Their award-winning GP add-on software is used by a number of Endeavour's Dynamics ERP clients across Canada to expand and optimize their investment in Microsoft Dynamics GP (Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains).

Three core Binary Stream Canada product groupings are:

  1. Multi-Entity Management (Aka Binary Stream MEM) for Business Central or Great Plains
  2. Advanced Recurring Contract Billing + Advanced Revenue & Expense Deferrals (Actually two great products)
    (Aka, Binary Stream ARCB + Binary Stream ARED)
  3. Property Management (Aka Binary Stream PM for Canada, also includes Lease Manager LM )

Dynamics GP Subscription Billing (ARED and ARCB + more)

Binary Stream Multi-Entity Management with Microsoft Dynamics GP

Imagine taking each of your Microsoft Dynamics GP companies and consolidating them into a single database. Binary Stream’s Multi-Entity Manager does exactly that – it brings together information from all of your disparate databases into one single Dynamics GP database.

Endeavour clients have saved time with:

  • Using a single log in with the ability switch between entities in single click of the mouse. Rather than logging in and out of dozens of databases to process transactions
  • Centralizing accounting processing at a single location, rather than at multiple offices. Endeavour also has document management and scanning solutions to help with this effort. Multi-Entity Management gives you the flexibility to choose between centralized and decentralized processing for purchasing, payments, receipts, and payroll. Cheque runs for all of your companies can be handled in a single batch.
  • Leveraging a single multi-entity database, the time required for year-end closing shrinks from hours or days to minutes. It is also very handy for centralizing the back-up of data, adding new entities, and updating master records across multiple entities.
  • Performing inter-company transactions with the MEM due-to and due-from entry parameters to automate and allocate intercompany transactions to the appropriate entities. Managing multiple companies within a single Dynamics GP database also streamlines the aggregation of data for consolidated reporting and billing analysis such as “how much do we owe Vendor ABC across each line of business?” or “where is Invoice #183496?” or to pull aging reports across all of your companies and subsidiaries.  Which expenses do I have across each currency - yes it also works with GP multi-currency.

Advanced Recurring Contract Billing for Great Plains + Advanced Revenue & Expense Deferrals

Binary Stream’s billing suite is an end-to-end deeply integrated GP add-on designed to handle any number of complex billing scenarios, while ensuring that the accounting of any revenue and expense deferrals is done quickly and accurately.

Available individually or as part of a suite, Advanced Recurring Contract Billing and Advanced Revenue and Expense Deferrals give you the power to:

Handle any type of billing including recurring charges (monthly, annual or any frequency); one-time fees such as for initial set-up; usage-based fees such as time consumed; prices that change based upon volume or tiers; and many other methods.

  • Create flexible billing schedules that support line-level details such as multiple billing types per customer or item; differing billing frequencies and start and end dates; and built-in price escalations.
  • Efficiently build and track thousands of deferral schedules at the line item level and with complete control over the timing of posting recognition entries to the sub-ledger and the GL.
  • Track key financial data in real-time such as monthly recurring revenue and periodic revenue recognition, accurately forecast revenues and expenses, and quickly produce your GL reconciliation to satisfy audit requirements.
  • Eliminate the use of error-prone spreadsheets and time-consuming manual processes. Spend, less time processing invoices, complete your period-end closing days sooner, stop billing errors that lead to frustrated customers, and ensure compliance with GAAP, IFRS, FASB, and other accounting standards.

Property Management in Microsoft Dynamics GP with GP Support North

Binary Stream building

Not ready for a full dedicated Property Management system, but still have a number of leases and properties to manage. If property management and real estate are not core to your business and you are happy with Microsoft Dynamics GP, the Binary Stream Property Management add-on may be of interest. Whether you manage retail shopping malls, restaurant franchises, commercial buildings, residential properties, or even a port or airport authority, Binary Stream’s module can help you manage the sheer volume and complexity of your real estate and property management related transactions.

This new module is the only solution that we’ve seen to be fully embedded and integrated within Microsoft Dynamics GP

Use the Binary Stream Property Management add-in to:

  • Efficiently manage both the landlord side and the tenant side of lease agreements regardless of complexity or volume.
  • Easily handle month-end rental billing including any number of one-time miscellaneous fees and, if there are any, rent escalations.
  • Automatically calculate the common area expenses (CAM) and assign the appropriate amount to each of your tenants.
  • Report revenue (or expense) forecasts (with escalations factored in); perform “what if” scenarios to ensure you are maximizing your investments.

With Property Management, similar to Multi-Entity Manager, you don’t have to log in and out of multiple systems. You don’t need to deal with the data integrity issues and wasted time that come with working in spreadsheets. Instead, all of your data is stored in Dynamics GP and you use familiar Dynamics GP functionality and screens to tackle your property management accounting tasks. You can be confident that relevant data gets passed automatically to your general ledger and that all of your financial reports are up-to-date and available in real-time.