Beanworks for Dynamics GP – Microsoft Great Plains AP, PO and Expense Automation

Dynamics GP AP + PO + Expense + Payment portal for all-in-one Invoice automation

Talk to Endeavour and our preferred partner Beanworks by Quadient.  Beanworks is relatively new to the Dynamics GP community having recently built a strong two-way integration with GP, following a successful saturation of the Sage Accounting market.  Also integrated with Business Central Beanworks is truly transformational and disruptive within the market as they combine AP automation with PO automation with Expense Management and Payment processing for an attractive all-in-one subscription.  

See video below for Dynamics GP Beanworks Overview and demo.  GP Support North and Endeavour will work with you and members of the Beanworks team to create and present a personalized demo and quote for your needs.  So far, we have yet to see others in the market with the same level of unification within a single portal including OCR, line item capture, document management, approvals workflow and automated matching between purchase requisitions (POs) and Invoices (AP).  

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Sample screen - Beanworks for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Dynamics GP Beanworks Screen

Overview of Beanworks Cloud for Microsoft Dynamics GP.
AP + PO + Expense + Payments for All-in-one automation

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Dynamics GP
PO Automation

Beanworks Awards Dynamics GP Microsoft
  • Customized purchasing and spending limits that ensure the spend is within policy. Companies can create a formal purchasing process that controls who is able to buy what and how much money they can spend. They can set limits based on department, project, vendor, or set manager budgets to control unapproved purchases. 
  • In addition, it eliminates double data entry by automatically matching POs to invoices. 
  • You can preview budget and forecasts through a central dashboard, and measure how this area–along with payments, invoices and expenses–are contributing to your overall financial growth.
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Dynamics GP
AP Automation

  • AP automation uses AI-powered data capture to extract invoice details such as amount, due date, invoice date, vendor name, description, unit costs, and quantities.
  • It will automatically flag duplicate invoices in the system so you don’t have to worry about tracking them manually.
  • Automated platforms also come with an internal approval system, which allows you to track the entire approval chain in real-time – from when it was sent for approval, how long it stayed in the approver's inbox, when they requested backup data, to the date and time it was finally approved.
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The Beanworks by Quadient Mobile app now available for iOS and Android is an extension of Quadient AP, giving you mobile access to invoice approval and expense creation.

  • Create and upload invoices or receipts for approval
  • View previous approval history
  • Approve or reject with the click of a button
  • Comment lines for additional information