eOne for Dynamics GP Integration, Customization and Reporting.

Dynamics GP support for eOne Solutions software including SmartConnect, SmartList Builder, SmartView and Extender

eOne Solutions is an Approved GP Support North (and Endeavour Solutions) ISV for add-on products for Microsoft Dynamics GP.  Our consultants recommend eOne Extender for clients who need specialized GP fields, special processes or new custom windows for Microsoft Dynamics ERP GP 2015 - 2018, GP 18.4.xx, GP 18.5.xx, GP 18.6 (GP 2024).

Need to expand the capabilities of Dynamics GP?  Use eOne to create new fields that can be exposed to reporting.  GP Support North can help with eOne Extender. Sometimes Extender is used to track a unique business process, other times it’s used to create mini-apps that are able to mimic the business logic that may be found in manual processes or seen in other integrated applications.

Extender is the tool of choice that allows our team to create custom screens for your Dynamics GP without the need for any code writing thus saving time, effort and maintaining compliance with future Dynamics ERP GP upgrade paths.


With eOne SmartConnect you can create two-way connections with any Source and Microsoft Dynamics GP or Dynamics 365.

Connect any Source with: any Destination, any time, via any transformation path.


eOne SmartView Canadian Consulting by Endeavour Solutions (Toronto, Halifax, Montreal, London and Edmonton)

Demo of SmartView for SmartList formatting in Dynamics GP from an Endeavour consultant with her personal favourites

o Running SmartList reports lightening fast
o Accessing SmartView inside of GP
o Accessing SmartView from OUTSIDE of GP (For users without a GP license)
o Unique formatting options, drag and drop columns, filters and sub-total
o Merging two SmartLists for a new combined view

Helpful Video Content

Demo on eOne SmartConnect and Microsoft Dynamics GP (24:23 min)

eOne SmartList Builder for Dynamics GP

eOne SmartView for Dynamics GP demo (23:37 min)